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October 21, 2013
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CoA of the Emperor of the Germans 2 by TiltschMaster CoA of the Emperor of the Germans 2 by TiltschMaster
Decided to completly redo the whole thing in the style of the Holy Roman Emperors.

This is the personal coat of arms of His Imperial Majesty, Karl Anton I., Emperor of the Germans.

The double-headed eagle bears the shield of his house, the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. The order ist the (fictional) Imperial Order of the Golden Eagle, founded by Karl Anton I. in October 1851, since then highest ranking military and civil decoration of the Greater German Empire. It is awarded only by his Imperial Majeyty the Emperor himself and therefor autonomous from citizenship of one of the Empire's member states, wich makes it unique among German decorations, as all member states retain their own military and civil decorations.

It may not look like it, but this took a ton of work to create and will most likely be the last work of this extent I will be able to do for some time, as I just started university and that will from now on eat most of my time. I will still try to upload content on a more or less regular basis, at least I hope to. If not you may stone and quarter me.

Credits: Elements taken from wikimedia commons.
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Wow you surely put so much work in it, awesome!!!

Aber ich würde Eigennamen eher nicht übersetzen, oder zumindest nur in Klammern, wahrscheinlich heißt der Kaiser Karl Anton I oder?
Und eine Landkarte dazu wäre noch spitze! Das bedeutet das Reich wurde noch vor Bismarck geeint?
Nope, das hier ist ja das Wappen zu der Groß-Deutschen Karte, die ich bereits gemacht habe :P

Verzeih ich komm da durcheinander, es gibt so viele die Großdeutschland machen und lieben haha XD
Es sei dir verziehen :P
Great. But why not use a maltese cross like the black eagle of Prussia, as insignia of the order? Why not create a great collar, like all the empires in that era? 
Just a curiosity, btw. Great stuff.
Honestly: I do not have the time to create a completly new awesome collar design and this was the easiest way to go. And the cross ... I think the Grand Star just looks more awesome :D
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